About Us

At Howells Outdoors we love being outside and exploring. More than just being outdoors, we love helping people have an adventure. We are here to show the perks and joys of the getting outdoors, having fun and playing in the dirt. There are amazing benefits to being outside and enjoying what is happening in the natural world; we want to get people out there and be responsible for their actions and the privileges they have.

This is why Howells Outdoors exists. We teach people how to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and responsible manner. Not only will this benefit the individual, but it will be of great benefit to the community they’re part of.

From Dan Dustin’s Stewards of Access: Custodians of Choice, “We can practice and preach that philosophy in a way that will motivate the American people to embrace it as their own. Park, recreation, and tourism professionals can make a difference. But we must step out from the shadow of the masses to lead. And that requires the kind of courage that comes with conviction of purpose.” This sentence sums up Howells Outdoors: teaching others to get outdoors and enjoy it.

Author/Operator: Keith HowellsSpooky Slot Canyon

Author: Stephen HowellsStephen Howells over Dominguez Canyon

Author: Sterling HowellsSterling Howells GoPro Hawaii Hike

Author: Chelsea HowellsChelsea Howells backpacking Lake Blanche