Keith Howells

Keith Howells is an outdoor educator, outdoor enthusiast, content marketing specialist, amateur photographer, canyoneer, backpacker and husband.

Keith Howells ePortfolioI am all about the outdoors; more than being outdoors myself, I love getting people outside. I enjoy teaching people how to be outdoors in a safe and responsible manner.

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Keith Howells is an outdoor educator.

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Keith Howells is an amateur photographer

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From Dan Dustin’s Stewards of Access Custodians of Choice, “We can practice and preach that philosophy (the benefits of the outdoors) in a way that will motivate the American people to embrace it as their own. Park, recreation, and tourism professionals can make a difference. But we must step out from the shadow of the masses to lead. And that requires the kind of courage that comes with conviction of purpose.” This sentence kind of sums up my feelings on teaching the nation to get outdoors and enjoy it. Without the skill sets I have the outdoor recreation field will be left behind by technology and marketing.