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Life gets busy and sadly our leisure/recreation time usually takes the ax first, but should it? I don’t think so and let me tell you why.

Dr. David Strayer (he’s a really cool cognitive psychologist from the University of Utah) takes people outside and likes to study the effects. In a National Geographic article, This is Your Brain on Nature, suggests ‘that being in nature allows the prefrontal cortex, the brain’s command center, to dial down and rest, like an overused muscle.’  Which is exactly what you need when life gets busy. A chance to be relieved from the busy modern life. Now Strayer’s hypothesis is dealing mostly with what he refers to as the three-day-effect, but I do believe that even quick trips can give your pre-frontal cortex a good scrubbin’.

This summer Chelsea and I have been able to grab out packs and head into the Uintas for some quick overnight trips. These small adventures have helped me dealing with grad school — there’s just so much reading and writing! Chelsea has also suggested that they have helped her in creativity and work as a Graphic Designer in SLC.

I don’t know. Maybe I’m crazy and am just justifying my whole lifestyle and career choices, but you should probably not take the ax to your adventure time or your opportunities to head outdoors. Make an effort to get out there…more.

You’ll be happier.

Here’s some photos from a few of our short overnight adventures:

Chelsea Howells Backpacking Deuter SL Keith Howells jumping at Sunset Chelsea Howells Backpacking Deuter Thermarest Uinta Cliff Lake Chelsea Howells Backpacking Deuter Thermarest Uinta Cliff Lake Milky Way over Butterfly Lake Mountain Hardwear Tent


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